Water is Life

Water is an inseparable feature of our lives, it is of major importance to all living things. An average human body consists of 60-65 percent of water having a unique function: water is responsible for bloodstream, dissolution, absorption and distribution of important substances. It provides the blood’s acid based balance, with its feature of thermoregulation, water is responsible for the core temperature of the human body.

People will always be dependent on water. Sadly, it is more and more difficult to get the water of the greatest quality, due to bad environment in our technical civilization. The quality of water also determines the way in which the organism reacts and manages it. In fact, we can cause damage to our body by drinking water of low quality.

Recomended daily intake of water


The human body requires between two and three liters of fluids per day depending on the age and other functions. One and a half or even two liters of it are consumed by drinking.


Drinking regime secures the nutrition of the human organism, water washes out harmful substances, not to mention its important role in the blood’s acid based balance.


Having enough quality water in our body secures the functioning of circulatory and secretory systems and the metabolism in between cells of our organism.

Pi water full of energy

The situation of water in nature today mirrors the disharmony, which people are creating by the “civilization”. Pí water is one of the things, by which people managed to reverse the negative trend and to make everything in the original way. It is not just about making chemically and microbiologically pure water. The need is here – to give back the harmony to water.

The water in our barrels is coming from more than 130 meters deep artesian well, accredited laboratories had proven its splendid quality even before the filtration process. The base of the modification is in the change of the frequency of water itself. Water is harmonized on the various degrees of its main building elements. Both the right and the left side circling elements are being equalized. It creates a change in the amount of the information carried by the water.

The cleaner the water is, the more infiltrated information are deleted. By the modification, the water becomes similar to the pure aspect and quality of its origin. Sadly, it happens frequently in organisms today that the information supply is slowed down in their bodies. It happens also in plants and other organisms and it is due to the excess of infiltrated information in water today. The good news are that we can make these excessive information disappear by certain kind of modification. This is but all purely about physical modification and takes place in all degrees of the mass (bunches of clusters, molecules, atoms, particles of atoms, etc.), and within all functions.

Pí water is able to affect the surface and the fluids both between cells and within cells in organisms. It pushes out the infiltrated water from the environment. Also, Pi water stabilizes the given environment and speeds up the energetic transfer in the organism.


Always at hand

Claimed, quality, ecological packing
Stylish, effective, with cooling and heating

From water to water


In the first stage we fill the containers with gushing water where it stays for a whole day.


During the second stage we filter this gift of nature through active carbon which results its better quality.


The third stage is called the coral stage indicating the origin of the IMS ceramics. The filtration process is being done through artificial, non-solvent corals. The aim is to stabilize the alkalinity of water and to improve its quality.


The fourth section is the so called natural phase. By using natural calcium hydroxide we create water just like natural sparkling water, which has extraordinary effects on the function of cells in the human body. The hardness of water is also stabilized during this process. After the filtration we continue with activation. By activation we mean the “pi” treatment through specific zones of magnetic charging. At the end we get bioactive water which fills the aura of living organisms with bioenergy.

Positive side effects of Pi water on the organism:

• It is clearly different

• It tastes better and nicer

• A lot of health issues will be gone

Kations in mg/l

Ca 2+

Anions in mg/l

SO4 2-

Taste our splendid water!



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Health in barrels – WHY IS IT?

If one disregards the fact that health is really the most important in life, only reflecting on pure material aspects and comfort: even than it pays off to choose clean and healthy water in gallons. Why? We’ll make health more available with our services such as free shipping and a continued focus on quality tests. Perhaps this quality system is the most significant argument which supports our gallons of water. In terms of comfort you can wave goodbye to empty bottles, you don’t have to care about more waste and you will not have any more tote straps from the bottled mineral water notching your fingers.

Sounds good, isn’t it? You no longer need to leave the water running (wasting) in order to drink it cold. You can put your microwave aside, with our water dispenser using as little energy as possible, you will get both hot and cold water. Finally, it also saves your wallet, because when you buy it in bulk, there are no production costs for PET bottles and shipping is free.

About us

Pi aquaunion – fresh and healthy

Our company was grounded in 2005, in Hungary. With our 10 years of experience in production, distribution and innovation for health we finally see the positive effects of our work. We are really proud of seeing our product confidently spreading through the countries of the European Union and that our clients are trustingly returning to us. We are extremely proud of our close-knitted work with the Hungarian, Czech, Croatian and Serbian market.